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May 4th, 2011 - Livejournal of the Plague Year — LiveJournal
"It's like Back To The Future." "The film?" "No, the novelisation."

  • 00:07:19: Wow, I discovered the Kick with Inception The App! http://inceptiontheapp.com/ http://twitpic.com/4sizvu
  • 16:14:48: Today was obviously 'Take Your Screaming Child To The Council Offices' Day, a tradition that I for one wholeheartedly oppose. #headache
  • 18:55:14: I just saw a brief BBC trailer with @Dichenlachman about to be punched in the face by Eve Myles. I can't wait. No offence :)
  • 19:09:22: #truefact - RT @Fantomdenis: Vortex III in Belfast, Best Fan Doctor Who event in the uk as commented by various attendees. Roll on V4!
  • 20:32:35: RT @andydiggle: People of Waco, Texas "visibly angered" by the suggestion that the Moon reflects the Sun: http://t.co/5Xu98i9 | via @Mik ...
  • 21:18:53: I have those too :) Are yours in the folder?
  • 23:40:02: OK, so tonight was a fail on the packing front, which means I have to do everything tomorrow. This may also include some washing. #uhoh

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