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Livejournal of the Plague Year

"It's like Back To The Future." "The film?" "No, the novelisation."

26 August 1976
Bases covered

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I'm tall, and I like to wear black. Sadly, that in itself is not enough to make me truly cool.

I've been back from Australia for a year now, having taken a career break halfway through teacher training when I realised that I don't like kids enough to put up with their crap. Australia was much better. Now I'm back in civil service at the local council. The pay's better than th Revenue, and I'm handing money out instead of collecting it, but I don't want to settle, as I'd much rather travel more.

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On a more serious note, I took up the teacher training when I realised that 5 years working for the Inland Revenue was 5 years too long and I needed something else to do. Obviously, I have now discovered that teaching is not it, but unfortunately I'm not sure what 'it' is.

Meanwhile, back in the city, I am mostly watching films, reading books and catching up with all of my favourite TV programs now I'm back home.

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